XL Aluminium Guttering Accessories

Whether you’re looking for running outlets, internal or external angles, stop ends, brackets or more for your Yeoman Rainguard XL Aluminium guttering, our accessories are vital to complete your rainwater system.

Our range of XL Aluminium guttering accessories covers the full range of needs when adapting our XL Aluminium guttering to your project specifications. Due to the variations in design, shape and dimensions between buildings, adaptation and adjustment are often required when installing guttering.

Our accessories help make this process simple and straightforward by adapting your gutters and downpipes to the shape and ergonomics of your building, providing all the matching components you need in one place.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our XL Aluminium guttering accessories yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Discover our range of XL Aluminium guttering accessories below.


XL Left Hand Stop End


XL Right Hand Stop End


XL Joint Clip


XL Fascia Bracket


XL Drive-in Rise & Fall Bracket


XL Adjustable Rafter Bracker (Top fix also available)

Running-Outlet-1 (1)

XL Running Outlet


XL Stop End Outlet (available left or right hand)


XL 90° External Angle


XL 90° Internal Angle


XL 135° External Angles


XL 135° Internal Angle