Attractive XL Aluminium Rainwater System Chosen For High End External Design Specification

Quality, function and appearance were all major factors when it came to choosing the right Rainwater goods to renovate Wayout Lodge, a listed mini chateau styled property in Cobham, Surrey, which has recently undergone a  major transformation from rundown and tired to a shining example of a successfully renovated period property, having been taken under the wing of new owner and interior designer James Gostelow.

The comprehensive renovation included a facelift to the exterior of the property and the replacement of existing plastic drainpipes with Yeoman Rainguard XL Aluminium pipes and gutters. James explained: “The plastic drainpipes served a purpose but were hideous looking. It was a high priority to finish the external design at high end spec, which is just as important as the interior design as first impressions are massively important to me and as a designer I always aim to achieve this.”

Yeoman Rainguard’s Aluminium range of rainwater products grabbed James’s attention after he came across them at a listed property show. Being durable and cost effective, the Aluminium system also boasts strong aesthetics – just a few of the reasons James selected it for his own project. “In my eyes aluminium guttering was aluminium guttering was the most cost effective way of achieving a solid material and a great look,” he said. “It’s so important to choose a quality material and stay in keeping with the age of the property.”

Within days of his initial enquiry, James met with Yeoman Rainguard representative, Nick White who was able to assist with the quantity required. “Working with Yeoman Rainguard certainly proved their worth and I had expertise advice to succeed in what I had set out to achieve, which was a rainwater product that would serve its purpose, look good and do away with the hideous plastic drainage system,” said James.

Dating back to 1830 it was also important to complement the historic appearance of Wayout Lodge and James knew that the hopper design was something that was hugely important. “I wanted a design which
would fit in with the era of the lodge and gave that dramatic effect, something which the property deserves.” The Yeoman Rainguard Victoria GRP Hopper was able to fit the bill exactly.”

Headache free fitting was also a key factor and the quick and easy jointing technology of the Rainguard XL Aluminium range guaranteed a speedy installation process by the company’s accredited installers without any problems along the way.

“Having a design company of my own, it is important to me, and my staff to build relationships with suppliers In order to achieve customer satisfaction. I would without doubt include Yeoman Rainguard as one of my company’s approved suppliers.”

“Although it’s not the most glamorous element of design, it still massively important to achieve those minor finishes,” concluded James.

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