Yeoman Rainguard Emulates Hoppers Design

Yeoman Rainguard’s specialist skills in the manufacturing and provision of top quality rainwater hoppers, gutters, down pipes and accessories were recently called upon for a redevelopment project in Mayfair, London.

The project – a conversion to 4 luxury apartments- required the replacement of 5 Cast Iron ornate rainwater hoppers which were part of the original building.

Due to age the Cast Iron Hoppers had started to erode and gaping holes had appeared at the back of the hoppers reducing their efficiency.

Yeoman Rainguard, were called upon to duplicate a perfect copy of the original hoppers complete with the floral centre piece and a reproduction Cast Iron surface finish in Black. This they were able to do in their GRP material where the process began by taking a mould of the original hopper, then layering with their GRP material adding strength and rigidity to the profile.

GRP- glass fibre reinforced mouldings in the form of laminations – provides strength and durability in a lightweight product that proves to be easier to handle and to install when on site.


The process can also offer manufacturing cost savings without any detriment to the quality, look, finish or performance of the Rainguard Rainwater Hoppers.

Yeoman Rainguard GRP Hoppers can be an acceptable replacement for fitting on listed buildings instead of Cast Iron or Lead.

To complete the project Yeoman Rainguard also supplied traditional styled XL Aluminium gutters and down pipes which finished in a black textured powder coating not only complemented the Rainwater Hoppers but the overall look of t

he exterior of the building. When fitted the XL Aluminum gutters and downpipes result in a maintenance free, eco-friendly and extremely long lasting rainwater systems which will stay looking pristine for many years to come.

For more information on how Yeoman Rainguard GRP products can be a solution to replacing old and broken rainwater systems where authenticity is key go to or call 0113 279 5854.