Aluminium Guttering Buyers Guide

With the United Kingdom receiving over 100 days of rainfall each year, it’s integral that houses and buildings have a high-quality rainwater system in place. Without it, properties can suffer from both interior and exterior damage, which can lead to costly and unwanted repairs.

At Rainguard, we understand the necessity of a sufficient drainage system, and with over thirty years of experience under our belt, we are confident when it comes to providing you with the right solution. We have an extensive range of materials and our Aluminium Guttering, Downpipes, Hoppers and Accessories comes in four different ranges that is ideal for both traditional and modern homes.


A rainwater management system dates back to the Roman conquest of Britain, where they discovered the advantages of utilising rainwater for cooking and washing. However, it was soon neglected and wasn’t reintroduced to the UK until the Battle of Hastings in 1066. An arrival of countrymen to towns and cities meant many grander homes were built, and with this came the development of gutters to protect the properties from water damage.

The following centuries saw different materials such as Lead, Cast Iron and Plastic being mass-produced, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that manufacturers capitalised on the production of Aluminium. A few simple changes to the way Aluminium was produced transformed the Guttering industry. The speed of fabrication and quality of the material challenged the previously popular plastic solutions, providing home owners with a long-lasting rainwater solution.

Why Aluminium?

Suited to both traditional and new builds, Aluminium is a firm favourite with home owners, builders and architects and it comes as no surprise that Aluminium Guttering accounts for over 70% of residential rainwater systems. Its advanced jointing features prevent leaks and cracks, making it one of the most durable materials to use. Not only is it non-corrosive, but incredibly light-weight, meaning installation is a breeze.
The four different categories of Aluminium each carry added benefits and are best suited to different properties or builds:

XL Aluminium Range– The strongest of them all, this Aluminium range is designed with the elements in mind, making it perfect if you live in a rural or coastal area. For properties with large or steep rooves, the deep flow gutter option prevents overflowing water damage.

SL Aluminium Range– Economically sound, the SL Aluminium rainwater system is perfect for developers building large or multiple units due to its longevity.

Standard Aluminium Range – If you’re looking for something that’s great value for money, the Standard Aluminium is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Cast Aluminium Range– Often used as a replacement for Cast Iron, the Cast Aluminium rainwater system is perfect for period properties wanting to retain their heritage and character.



All of the Aluminium Gutters attach to the fascias, preventing rainfall damaging the brickwork of the building.  Depending on the type of Aluminium you chose will depend on how many profiles you have to choose from, but by understanding you requirements we can help decide which the best for you. As standard, our Aluminium Guttering is coated in black, but it can be painted to suit the aesthetic of your exterior.

The second most essential part to a rainwater solution is the Downpipes, carrying the water from the gutters to the drains. Our Aluminium Downpipes come in either XL Aluminium, SL Aluminium or Standard Aluminium and have a life-cycle of over 25 years, which can be maintained through periodic cleaning. Depending on your style will depend on the style of Downpipe, but all three Aluminium ranges come with standard and optional accessories to persevere the durability, whilst making them easy to install.

Adding a splash of decoration to your solution, Hoppers can also allow for more water to travel down the Downpipes. Our Aluminium range suits both new and period properties, offering you the choice of either plain or ornamental. As with all our other elements, our Aluminium Hoppers are offered as black as standard, but can be painted to fit with the character of your property.

For more information on our Aluminium rainwater system you can give us a call on 0113 279 5854 to speak to a trusted advisor or request a brochure.