Guttering in Glasgow

22 September 2016

Guttering in Glasgow

With over 550,000 inhabitants Glasgow is the most populated city in Scotland and the 4th most populated city in the UK. Glasgow also has an average monthly rainfall of almost 90mm making it the second wettest city in the UK, so the guttering on your home needs to be suitable to deal with the large amount go water.

At Rainguard we specialise in providing you with the perfect guttering solutions to not only meet the practical requirements of your property but to coincide with the design of it. By stocking a wide range of metal guttering solutions Rainguard makes sure theres a product for your Glasgow property.

 Guttering Solution Materials

AluminiumOur aluminium guttering solution come in 2 different ranges, standard aluminium and XL aluminium gutters which are more suitable to higher flow rates such as those found in Glasgow. These gutters are our most popular range and look great on both modern and traditional buildings.    

Cast Iron – If you’re looking for a more traditional look on your Glasgow based property then our cast iron products offer a fantastic solution. A naturally resistant material means that your gutters will stand the test of time.

Zinc – Offering a more modern look which changes pattern over time our zinc guttering ranges is fast becoming the must have product on new builds across Scotland.

Copper – Our copper guttering solutions has similar attributes to our zinc range with the originally colour being very vibrant but ageing into a wonderful natural colour.

Stainless Steel – The stainless steel guttering range we offer is becoming very popular with buildings that are looking for a more modern and contemporary feel. With stainless steel being naturally resistant to corrosion it makes a great material to create value adding guttering to your property.

GRP – Our GRP gutters are our nearest solutions to the normal plastic gutters. As our range is created from glass reinforced plastic they are more durable than standard plastic gutters despite looking very similar.



Hoppers – You don’t see many buildings in Glasgow with hoppers on but the ones which do have them look great. If you’re looking to take your guttering solution to the next level then have a look at our hopper range as not only are they pleasant to look at they often add value to your property.

Cornice & Fascias – The cornice & fascias we provide are manufactured from GRP which lightweight, flexible and ideal for today’s environment.

If you are in Glasgow or the surrounding area and looking for a new guttering solutions then get in touch with our team of experts who will provide you with a solution to meet your requirements.


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