GRP Guttering

Ideal as a durable and lightweight replacement for heavy lead or cast iron, our GRP guttering is particularly suitable for traditional and heritage buildings. Manufactured at Yeoman Rainguard’s specialist workshop in Leeds, UK, our dependable GRP guttering can be used for a range of applications, with the material presenting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material on the market.

Durability & Lifecycle

Our GRP guttering products are constructed with glass fibre-reinforced mouldings reinforced with Lloyds-approved resins. Special formulations of laminate provide the desired strength and rigidity, ensuring these products can weather any storm and provide many years of reliable service, with average lifecycles of 30+ years.

Dimensions & Bespoke Shapes

Our GRP gutters are supplied in standard lengths of 1.8m plus spigot; however, the versatile properties of GRP means that other sizes, shapes and profiles are available to order as required.

This adaptability makes our GRP offering ideal for heritage buildings with unique original guttering which requires replacement due to age. Yeoman Rainguard can create a moulding of your existing system to ensure an exact GRP replica.

If you have project drawings or unique guttering shapes/designs, our design team can also assist in bringing these to life in GRP form.

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Colours & Finishes
Our GRP gutters are through-coloured, assuring customers that their colour will not chip or fade over time with wear and tear. Coming in a standard black replicating the look of cast iron, our Vision range of colours as well as BS5252 (inc BS4800) or RAL colours are available at a small premium.


Pattern: 5060 Box

Sizes: 125 x 150mm F.R.L: 4.65 Litres/sec

Pattern: 6060 Box

Sizes: 150x 150mm F.R.L*: 5.85 litres/sec

Pattern: 4340 SBDHR

Sizes: 110 x 100mm F.R.L*: 1.50 litres/sec

Pattern: 4515 HR

Sizes: 110 x 40mm F.R.L*: 0.41 litres/sec

Pattern: 6030 HR

Sizes: 150 x 75 mm F.R.L*: 1.31 litres/sec

Pattern: 6545 COG

Sizes: 165 x 110mm F.R.L*: 2.80 litres/sec

Pattern: 6045 BWG

Sizes: 150 x 130mm F.R.L: 4.16 litres/sec

Pattern: 8560 BWG

Sizes: 220 x 145mm F.R.L*: 8.37 litres/sec

Pattern: 6340 RG

Sizes: 130 x 105mm F.R.L*: 1.88 litres/sec

Pattern: 12080 MOG

Sizes: 305 x 175mm F.R.L*: 12.88 litres/sec

Pattern: 6030 MOG

Size: 155 x 80mm F.R.L*: 1.65 litres/sec

Pattern: 6435 MOG

Sizes: 160 x 90 mm F.R.L*: 2.28 litres/sec

Pattern: 4222 COG

Sizes: 110 x 55mm F.R.L*: 0.56 litres/sec

Pattern: 5025 COG

Sizes: 135 x 60mm F.R.L*: 0.75 litres/sec

Pattern: 6533 COG

Sizes: 165 x 85mm F.R.L*: 1.73 litres/sec

Pattern: 8460 MOG

Sizes: 250 x 150mm F.R.L*: 6.40 litres/sec
GRP-Aluminium-Gutter-Accessories-copy_Page_11 (1)

Pattern: 8860 MOG

Sizes: 220 x 150mm F.R.L*: 7.08 litres/sec

Pattern: 9070 MOG

Sizes: 225 x 175mm F.R.L*: 7.71 litres/sec

Pattern: 9760 MOG

Sizes: 240 x 150mm F.R.L*: 9.06 litres/sec

Pattern: 9965 MOG

Sizes: 250 x 165mm F.R.L*: 10.53 litres/sec

Pattern: 4635 MOG

Sizes: 120 x 90 mm F.R.L*: 1.21 litres/sec

Pattern: 5040 MOG

Sizes: 125 x 100mm F.R.L*: 1.83 litres/sec

Pattern: 6040 MOG

Sizes: 150 x 100mm F.R.L*: 2.28 litres/sec

Pattern: 7050 MOG

Sizes: 175 x 125mm F.R.L*: 4.16 litres/sec

Pattern: 7245 MOG

Sizes: 190 x 120mm F.R.L*: 4.22 litres/sec

Pattern: 4030 MOG

Sizes: 100 x 75mm F.R.L*: 0.85 litres/sec

GRP Guttering Accessories

Our GRP guttering is available with a series of practical accessories to ensure your rainwater system is fitted correctly and operating at full efficiency. The range of standard accessories includes:

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Standard Gutter Accessories

  • 90° internal and external angles
  • Outlet pieces with round, square or rectangular drop as required
  • Rise and fall brackets
  • Left hand and right hand stop ends
  • Union clips
  • Silicone sealant
  • Gutter bolts

Optional Gutter Accessories

Due to the unique properties of GRP, our accessories are also available in a bespoke range of shapes and sizes. This range includes:

  • Non-standard angles made to order.
  • Bespoke GRP gutter configurations.
  • Purpose made motifs to meet requirements

Gutter Brackets

For locations subject to severe weather conditions such as coastal environments, we can supply 316 stainless steel brackets with a polyester powder coat finish for maximum resistance to the elements, with other surface treatments available to order.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our GRP guttering yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Want to find out more about our GRP guttering products? Get in touch with our team today to discuss our standard offerings or a bespoke system; alternatively, download a free copy of our brochure to browse our products at your leisure.

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