Copper Hoppers

Add a unique, timeless look to your property or building project with Yeoman Rainguard’s range of Copper hoppers, available now in a variety of elegant hopper designs. A standout design choice with eco-friendly benefits including 100% recyclability, our Copper hoppers add the perfect level of sophistication to new-builds and heritage properties alike.

Beauty & Functionality

Coming in four stunning designs, our Copper hoppers don’t just add to the beauty of your exterior design; they also help your downpipes to operate at full efficiency, transporting up to two-thirds more water down the pipes in periods of heavy rainfall.

Yeoman Rainguard offers four styles of Copper hoppers to choose from in accordance with your exterior design, from robust, sturdy profiles to elegant tapered shapes.

Arriving on-site in a bright copper finish, our Copper products age with exposure to the elements, developing a stunning sea-green patina over the years. They make the perfect accompaniment for structures built with natural products, such as larch cladding or stonework, which will also develop and darken over time.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our Copper hoppers yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Interested in finding out more about our Copper hoppers range? View our products range below or download a copy of our brochure for full details on our Copper range.


Copper Margaret Hopper

W: 280mm H: 235mm Proj: 170mm Max Pipe Size: 80 x 80mm

Copper Charlotte Hopper

W: 220mm H: 300mm Proj: 220mm Max Pipe Size: 80 x 80mm

Copper Catherine Hopper

W: 240mm H: 210mm Proj: 170mm Max Pipe Size: 80 x 80mm

Copper Victoria Hopper

W: 250mm H: 370mm Proj: 250mm Max Pipe Size: 80 x 80mm

Case Studies

Copper Rainwater System changes with the times

Copper Rainwater System changes with the times

Sustainable House benefits from Copper Rainwater System

Sustainable House benefits from Copper Rainwater System