Replacing Guttering and Downpipes on Heritage Properties

01 April 2020

Replacing Guttering and Downpipes on Heritage Properties


Renewing heritage rainwater systems can often be a headache. Balancing the need to maintain the original look and features of your building with regulations for heritage properties as well as remaining within budget can be a troublesome process.

This situation is further complicated when dealing with grade 1 listed heritage buildings, where regulations heavily restrict changes to the building and limit options when replacing guttering and downpipes.

Read on for our breakdown of three of the most popular replacement options for heritage rainwater systems.


GRP, or glass fibre reinforced mouldings, is ideal for those who want a heritage look to their rainwater system but in a more lightweight and cost-effective form. This material is long-lasting and versatile, and can even be moulded into an exact replica of your existing rainwater system. Our GRP guttering and downpipes have average lifespans of over 30 years before replacement is needed, meaning you can rest assured that you won’t be needing to replace your rainwater system again any time soon.

Cast Iron

Many of Britain’s heritage buildings still feature their original Cast Iron rainwater systems, a testament to the longevity of the material. Choosing a Cast Iron rainwater system ensures that you will be replacing the original gutters and downpipes of your building with the most accurate replication possible, and is often the most suitable choice for grade 1 listed heritage properties. Our Cast Iron guttering and downpipes are designed to replicate heritage systems and are some of the longest-lasting rainwater products on the market. With expected lifespans of 40 years, this lifespan doubles if the products are cleaned and repainted.


An excellent all-round rainwater system, Aluminium rainwater systems are robust, lightweight, eco-friendly and look great on heritage properties. Our Aluminium products are also offered in a range of sizes, from XL guttering for large buildings to smaller guttering for homes. When painted, these products closely resemble traditional rainwater systems, but also offer the advantages of this more modern material.


A key feature of many heritage rainwater systems is a custom hopper. These increase rainwater flow into downpipes, but are also often highly ornamental, bearing coats of arms or intricate designs.

Our Hoppers come in a range of common traditional designs and materials, however upon request they can also come custom-built to replicate unique existing hopper designs. This ensures the unique character of your heritage building remains intact.

Our team

Here at Rainguard, we have a wealth of experience in providing suitable rainwater systems for heritage properties. If you’re still not sure which option is right for you, or if your situation requires bespoke advice, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for advice. Alternatively, contact us today on 0113 279 5854 to talk to a member of our staff about your needs!