Weather the storm with Yeoman Rainguard

30 October 2019

Weather the storm with Yeoman Rainguard


With temperatures plunging rapidly towards 0C, the challenges posed to UK homes by wintry conditions are here. From heavy rainfall, winds and freezing temperatures that bring snow and ice, your home is faced with an assault on all sides. It’s no surprise then that winter is responsible for a sharp increase in property damage claims, according to solicitor firm Hamilton Fraser.

The most common types of property damage claim are for ‘escape of water’ – when water enters a property and causes damage. The second most common? Storm damage. Both of these causes can be alleviated or prevented entirely with proper maintenance carried out before winter sets in.

Don’t leave things until last minute, or the damage will already be done. Instead, follow these steps and secure your home’s exterior against winter disaster by investing in better rainwater systems.

Upgrade your guttering

Ensuring all of your gutters are clean and free of obstructions ahead of winter is vital – but why stop there? Replacing your older guttering with new metal gutters from Rainguard provides lasting durability which withstands extreme temperatures. The majority of water ingress issues are caused by faulty guttering – so don’t risk it and replace your aged or damaged guttering with quality metal alternatives.

Utilise deep flow gutters & downpipes

Deep flow gutters provide extra width and depth, making them perfect for heavy storms which bring increased rainfall or snow. The additional width of both your deep flow gutter and downpipes helps to drain the water away and prevents overflow or leakage, which both pose a significant risk to your home.

Fix brackets closer together

Normally, brackets are fixed at 900mm centres. However, for properties where snow risk or heavy rainfall is a problem, fixing brackets closer together adds tensile strength to the guttering system and allows your home to withstand stormy weather. Watch our XL aluminium fixing video here to learn more and get in touch with the office if you’d like to get advice on snow load.

Browse our Aluminium XL range today for the perfect winter-ready guttering solutions that will secure your home through poor conditions and add value to your property with long-lasting durability.

Note for contractors

Are you a contractor working on a project for a client and need it finished before winter really hits? We have wide available stock of metal guttering and can deliver to your site fast. Get in touch directly to learn more.