Why You Should Specify Yeoman Rainguard Rainwater systems

23 January 2020

Why You Should Specify Yeoman Rainguard Rainwater systems


From our Cast Iron rainwater systems for heritage homes to our ultra-modern zinc guttering, we have the products you need for any project. Our products are durable and long-lasting which makes them the economically and ecologically sound choice. A durable rainwater system will need to be replaced less frequently – depending on the material, it may not need to be changed for decades. Our range of products means you’re sure to find the option which will add both aesthetic value and excellent rainwater protection to your project.

Heritage Homes

We specialise in providing bespoke rainwater solutions which can be used on heritage homes without compromising on the original characteristics of the building. We can provide these rainwater systems in GRP or cast iron to maintain the original heritage look of a property. If you are working on a property which has special features, such as ornate hoppers which have been damaged, we can accurately replicate and replace them.

Choice of Materials

We have aluminium, copper, zinc and stainless-steel options, providing a wide range of downpipe and guttering choices for projects with a more modern look. Our quality materials and designs elevate the look of a property in addition to the functional value they add to a rainwater system.

Each material is suited for different types of properties and purposes. Copper is our most environmentally friendly material, aluminium costs less and lasts longer and GRP is lightweight but with the heritage appearance of cast iron.

Cornice and Fascia

We also manufacture Cornices and Fascia from GRP, providing a lightweight yet strong solution to update existing features which need replacing. These are fully customisable with bespoke designs, sizes, colours and more.